While I have always enjoyed writing, it’s been a while since I have written professionally. I suspect that having been trained in the scientific ways, there is some part of me that wants a “complete story” — data and all — before documenting it. My work over the last decade has been more entrepreneurial and business-focused, leaving me uncomfortable about the depth of what I could write about. My last article was on social networks back when I was at Spoke.

Well, I figured it was time to change that. So, I’ve started writing again — as best I can. I am kicking this off by serving as the Columnist for a quarterly column in SAPInsider, a magazine focused on all things SAP. This column, entitled “SME Insights” will focus on the Small Business and Midsize Enterprise (SME or SMB) market. I’ll delve into different topics of interest to SMEs/SMBs from the market, partner and vendor view. I’ll bring in colleagues, partners, customers and industry experts as appropriate. And, as part of a little experiment, I will use this as the launch point to engage with the broader market at different watering holes my audience hangs out. 

With that, here’s the inaugural column: “SAP’s Best-Kept Secret — Small businesses and midsize enterprises are rapidly adopting SAP’s Solutions.” (here) I’m looking forward to it. I hope you enjoy it as well!

Please drop me email if you have (differing!) thoughts on the articles, topics you’d like for me to delve into, or if you would like to join me as a guest columnist! 

PS: I’ve learned that you can’t pull these off without help. My thanks go to my colleagues at SAP (especially Birgit Stolle and Thomas Tan) and to our partners in crime at WisPubs.

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