(Originally posted on Aug 8, 2018 on the Drishti blog)

On July 25, 2018, Aragon Research published Hot Vendors in Digital Business Platforms, 2018. As the name implies, Aragon views a Digital Business Platform as an emerging paradigm: a “cornerstone technology base” for coordination and analysis of people, machines and processes.

This report provides an interesting insight into how the futurists of the world see Drishti evolving. If Drishti’s hypothesis is correct—that human activities are the largest source of both value and variability within the factory—then human-centric software is truly well-positioned to become the “digital transformation accelerator” that Aragon envisions.

“Humans will remain the primary driver of both value and variability on the factory floor for decades to come. True digital transformation requires manufacturers to look beyond machines to enhance and support the most central element of their operations: their human workforce,” said Dr. Prasad Akella, CEO of Drishti. “We believe that this recognition from Aragon Research reflects the fact that Drishti’s focus on extending human capability has the potential to drive sweeping improvements in productivity, quality and traceability for manufacturers.”

Read our press release: Drishti Named A 2018 “Hot Vendor” in Digital Business Platforms by Aragon Research

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