P. F. Chang’s China Bistro in the Stanford Shopping Center here in Palo Alto is a favorite with the family — in large part because they are very good at working around Chirag’s food allergies.

We were at P. F. Chang’s yesterday with our neighbors, the Yaos, when we saw something that blew all of us away… Following our usual practice, Surekha explained to the waitress what Chirag can and cannot eat. She nodded and came back with a hostess — who had a menu customized for Chirag! They had simply filtered out all of the menu items that he couldn’t eat and printed out what he could…

Curious, I chatted with the hostess later to discover that they introduced this tool across all of P. F. Chang’s restaurants two months ago. And they have rev’d it ~15 times in the 2 months.

Simple. Effective. Useful. All the product doctor ever ordered!

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